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Key Features


  • Enjoy Free All year around hot water supply with Suntek® high efficency solar water heaters.
  • Super Energy Saver: saves upto 40% or more on your electric bill when compared to electric water heaters.
  • Pressurized Systems delivers constant flow for your comfort
  • Passive Solar Tracking Technology provides 20% more solar exposure than regular solar water heaters
  • Adjustable Galvanized Steel Frame Structure offers durable and versatile mounting capablities for both slope and flat roofs.
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Insulated Tank provides upto 72 hrs of hot water storage in the absence of sunlight. 
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Inner Tank provides safe healthy water storage.
  • Heat Structure No Medium Liquid. The first invention heat pipe-flat plate panel no water or medium liquid in the pipe. 
  • Superfast Heating Capablities compared to regular solar water heater systems.
  • Unique Overheating Protection. prevents overheating in summer meanwhile, the relative low temperature can ensurethe high sunlight absorbing efficiency.
  • Auxillary Electric Element (Included)




  • Two (2) Years Manafacturers Warranty On Tank, Frame
  • One (1) Year On T/P Valve
  • One (1) Month Defects Liability On INstallation Works



Suntec® 40 Gallon Flat Solar Water Heater

  • TANK  
    Tank Capacity 40 Gallon
    Inner Tank (Dia, Material) Dia 450mm, SUS304/2B
    Outer Tank (Dia, Material)

    Dia 550mm, Galvanized

    Steel Coated PVDF

    Length 1070MM
    Insulation High Density Polyurethane Foam
    Working Pressure 7 Bar
    Type Flat Plate With Copper Heat Pipe
    Collector Size 1000mm * 2000mm

    Mistlite Low Iron Extra Clear

    Tempered Glass 3.2mm

    Absorber Emittance 5% + 2% (ETA Plus)
    Absorber Absorption 95% + 2% (ETA Plus)
    Absorb Area 2m2
    Insulation Rock Wool
    Weight For Collector 33 Kgs
    Material Galvanized Steel 1.5mm
    Application Slope / Flat Surface
    Absorptivity Coeffecient 95%
    System Gross Weight 74 Kgs
    Standard T/P Valve , Magnesium Bar
    Optional Electric Element , Controller