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Key Features


  • Enjoy Free All year around hot water supply with Suntek® high efficency solar water heaters.
  • Super Energy Saver: saves upto 40% or more on your electric bill when compared to electric water heaters.
  • Pressurized Systems delivers constant flow for your comfort
  • Passive Solar Tracking Technology provides 20% more solar exposure than regular solar water heaters
  • Adjustable Galvanized Steel Frame Structure offers durable and versatile mounting capablities for both slope and flat roofs.
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Insulated Tank provides upto 72 hrs of hot water storage in the absence of sunlight. 
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Inner Tank provides safe healthy water storage.
  • State Of The art Vacuum Tube Absorber And Heat Pipe Transfer Sysytem for Superfast Heating Capablities compared to regular solar water heater systems.
  • Unique Overheating Protection. prevents overheating in summer meanwhile, the relative low temperature can ensurethe high sunlight absorbing efficiency.
  • Replaceable Independent Vaccum Tubes can be individually removed without stopping the operation of the system and are not subjected to scaling
  • Auxillary Electric Element And Controller Available (Optional Accessory)




  • Two (2) Years Manafacturers Warranty On Tank, Frame
  • One (1) Year On T/P Valve
  • One (1) Month Defects Liability On INstallation Works

Suntec® 40 Gallon Solar Tube Heater

  • TANK  
    Tank Capacity 40 Gallon
    Inner Tank (Dia, Material) Dia 370mm, SUS316L
    Outer Tank (Dia, Material)

    Dia 460mm, Galvanized

    Steel Coated PVDF

    Length 1520MM
    Insulation High Density Polyurethane Foam
    Working Pressure 7 Bar
    Type Vaccum Tube With Copper Heat Pipe
    Collector Size 1800mm dia 5.8mm
    Number Of Tubes


    Glass Material Borosilicate
    Coating ALN/AOM-SS/CU
    Glass Thickness 1.6mm

    Solar Keymark


    APERTURE AREA 2.16m2
    Material Galvanized Steel 1.5mm
    Application Slope / Flat Surface
    Absorptivity Coeffecient 95%
    System Gross Weight 76 Kgs
    Standard T/P Valve , Magnesium Bar
    Optional Electric Element , Controller